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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Chili Automotive Repair:


These guys were awesome! We live in Buffalo but were visiting family in Rochester. On our way home we noticed our tire was going flat. By luck we pulled in here, to inspect our car and get off the road. They were closed but by chance a gentleman was doing inventory or some extra work. He came out to see if we needed any help. He got on the cold snow covered ground and went to work locating the hole. He quickly determined he could patch the tire for us and did so. He could have stayed inside we would have never known he was there. We knew the facility was closed, we just pulled in to get off the road. This good Samaritan came to our rescue and boy was it cold outside. Thanks for your help!!! We would have been stranded forever because we didn't have a spare tire. You guys are the best.


Chili Automotive is fantastic!!! They go ABOVE AND BEYOND! Multiple people there have! I trust them with all my cars needs. I have Mercedes and the dealer said what I needed done. Chili Automotive took a look at the recommendation and could specifically say why they thought it wasn't needed at this time. They noticed a tire that they put on was different the next time I came in and asked me if I changed it and I told them no asked me if someone else had driven my car and I said no until I realize I was at a hotel and then valet kept the car in a parking garage for three days. He actually called two places and gave me the number of a third for the type of tire that was sold in Ohio. As a single mom, I didn't have a ride home. The owner drove me home so again they go above and beyond.


I had been looking for a local auto repair shop for a while. Didn't really take too much notice of Chili Auto as I drove by them on a daily basis until they did a major overhaul on the exterior of their shop. Went home and got online and liked the reviews and decided to try them. Took my car in for a brake job and was impressed with the information shared by Mark prior to my appointment. Had my brakes replaced in February and have to say that it was the best mechanical work I have ever received. The brakes work flawlessly - very smooth and the adjustments are perfect. I would definitely refer them to family and friends. Now scheduled for a tune up and a little bit of transmission work. 5 Star service and quality of work.


To Mark & Crew,

Thank you so much for immediately taking care of a problem with my car. My car had been shifting strangely for about a week. My husband checked the transmission fluid level and it didn't even register! He told me to pick up a couple bottles of transmission fluid but then found out Toyotas take special transmission fluid.

So naturally a trip to Chili Automotive was next. They put some transmission fluid in but it wasn't filling. Mark wanted to put it on the lift and the problem was that the transmission line was leaking badly! He said I couldn't drive it and asked if I had anything planned that afternoon. They fixed it right away! I didn't even have an appointment!

I am so grateful to you and your crew! Thank you!


I have had my cars & trucks serviced by Mark Walsh for 25 years. He is a man of integrity & automotive expertise. Now my sons, as well, bring their vehicles to Mark. This is a second generation of happy cusatomers.


It is important to me to have reliable and trustworthy automotive repair service as I tend to drive my cars for several years rather than buy new ones every 3-4 years. I came to Chili Automotive Repair approximately two years ago and have been very satisfied. There are three things I look for in an automotive repair facility: people, place, and performance. People I want to work with people who are competent and people I can trust. The staff and personnel at Chili Automotive Repair meet this test completely. They are extremely courteous and knowledgeable. They also tell me, in language I can understand, what the problem is and what needs to be done to correct it. They let me know what potential problems might be coming in the future and how to avoid them. They provide sound long-term maintenance strategies. They are also very flexible and accommodating. One time I had a battery that was just about to expire in minutes. I quickly drove to Chili Automotive Repair thinking I would have to leave the car all night as it was about closing time. However, they took me in and fixed the problem (installed a new battery) right on the spot. Place This seems like a small thing but it is actually very important. The Waiting Room of any business speaks volumes about the attitude of ownership toward its customers. Chili Automotive is no exception. The Waiting Room is comfortable and clean. Its condition and appearance plus its amenities (coffee, water cooler, and rest room) tell me that my comfort is important to Chili Automotive Repair. I appreciate that. Performance When repairs are performed on my cars I expect the problem(s) to be remedied so that my car is safe and ready to go and that the problem(s) will not re-occur. Chili Automotive Repair consistently achieves this standard. Owner Mark Walsh and staff adeptly diagnose the problem, propose the best solution, and deliver the repairs that were promised. They do this in a friendly and professional way. I would recommend Chili Automotive Repair to any of my friends.


Once again, you have provided service above and beyond our expectations. In the world we live in, it is very comforting to know that you are watching out for the safety of our family with your attention to detail. We drive past many other automotive service providers to use your family owned business, because on many occasions, in many situations down through the years, you have proven yourself trustworthy. Your efforts to consistently go the extra mile for our family are appreciated, and we will continue to recommend our friends and colleagues to use your services.

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